Hey! My name is Samantha, but I like to keep it casual, so you can call me Sam.
I’m a Latina illustrator from a small town just outside of New York City. I studied at Lesley University of Art and design, where I have a BFA in illustration. I love to draw people with themes that make me happy or evoke emotion of nostalgia, memories, and day dreams.  Most of my work is in pen and ink, watercolor, and the occasional pencil. 
My inspiration comes in many forms; from music, a good day, a late night, to the people that surround my daily life. But my biggest inspiration is my Latina background and the racially diverse town I grew up in.
When I’m not stuck in a sketchbook or in my thoughts, you can usually find me lazing around watching a movie, drinking cafe con galletas, or just spending time with my loved ones.
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